KnowleKids® Interactive Local Learning Map

For kids to Have Fun, , Explore & Learn!

  • We make audio ebooks, learning games & quizzes related to selected local attractions, museums, zoos, and parks for kids 5-9 years old. These ebooks & games cover vocabulary, readings, history, introductory science, math & Arts.
  • There are initially about 50 San Francisco Bay Area Kids Attractions to choose from. Other locations will be made based on demand.
  • We also design printed KnowleKids local learning maps (17”x11”). There are some quizzes, games and open questions in the local learning map.
  • A Parent can scan the patent pending Task QR code on the map using our KnowleKids mobile app to open the ebooks, games & quizzes related to the destination, and assign them to his/her kids.
  • Kids can find answers to the quizzes by observing during the trip, or read the assigned audio ebooks. Kids can earn points after finishing the quizzes or reading the ebooks, and redeem the points with parents. There is a built in Task & Rewards system in our KnowleKids app.
  • KnowleKids® Interactive Local Learning Map™ can help foster a child’s curiosity, and good learning habits. It also provides good topics for parents & kids to discuss during the outings.

Sample Knowlekids® Local Learning Map™

Choose from following list of Local Learning Maps around the San Francisco Bay Area. Users can submit their requests for other locations. We can make them based on the number of interests.

$11.00 per location(including shipping)
(Due to the Covid-19, most of museums and parks are temporarily closed, so the Local Learning Maps for general outdoor sightings will be available first, such as Monterey, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Jose etc. The first map will be available on June 22th. Submit your Local Learning Map requests to find out their available dates.)
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Select KnowleKids Local Learning Map Destinations

Submit your requests for new locations of KnowleKids® local learning maps, we will decide whether to make them based on the number of interests.

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